She got a taste of fame as a child. But she never regretted her decision to follow the path of show business. “I have nothing to regret. I cannot compare the unknown Darinka with a friend, I have no idea what she will be,” says today.

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“I grew up famous from a young age, and I must say that not for a moment did I feel that the annoying thing that sometimes comes with fame was so strong that I wanted to leave the world of singing. I am one of a select few who have achieved what they dreamed of as a child and it still works just as well.” evaluates.

Luckily, fifty doesn’t bother her. “I still don’t feel that this age has any negative impact on me or that anything has changed.” she admitted. The only difference is that it takes a little longer to recover. “After gigs, I sit curled up in the back seat of the car sometimes for seven hours, so the next day I’m not quite in shape,” she revealed.

And what is she most proud of today? “First of all, definitely for my Laura, she is my biggest success. I am also proud of my labor achievements, the fact that they still listen to me, ” Dara says.

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In the end, she accepted even the bad things that happened to her in life. “I think that all the things that have happened in my life, even the bad ones, have a reason and we don’t always need to know why it happened.” she is convinced. If she removed the bad part, the whole puzzle would collapse.