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Season 3 of The Witcher will be ‘the most faithful to the books ever’

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showrunner witcher He explained how Season 3 will be among those closest to the original material, namely his books. andrzej sapkowski. During a new interview, he repeated the same concept, trying to be even more specific. Here’s what he said.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lauren Hissrich, who directed the first episode of the series, talked about how the third season will largely adapt the novel. Humiliation Time.

The funny thing is, season three for me, It’s the closest thing to a book we’ve ever made in terms of adaptation.. Obviously, it doesn’t replace all the pages, but Time of Contempt has given us lots of great action moments, plot twists, character defining moments, and great revelations when it comes to villains. There was so much to work on that we managed to stay very faithful to the book.“.

The show’s departures from the source material seem to be one. A source of disappointment for TV star Henry Cavill. The actor is a huge fan of the books even before joining the series and has often struggled to include more elements in the series. In the second season, the actor added dialogues from the books, although it was not actually foreseen in the script. In an interview with Marcin Zweirzchowski, Cavill said, “I didn’t feel like arguing for a long time whether I could include this piece somewhere. That’s what I did, I said the words in front of the camera and I was ready to face the consequences.”

In a previous interview, Hissrich had always assumed a possible split into two parts for The Witcher 3.

We haven’t talked about it yet, but I don’t think it’s out of the question at this point.‘, Hissrich replied. After a short while, however, he went on to say: ‘God willing, we will leave it completely. But who knows, we’ll see what happens.“.

third season witcher will be released later this year. You can find The Witcher Blood Origin review on these pages.

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