Singer SZA is currently enjoying huge success. Her new album SOS went gold shortly after its release and even broke the record for the most streamed R&B album on Spotify in one day.

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No wonder he’s enjoying a well-deserved rest. Along with her producer Cody Jordan Fein (30) and a few other friends, she went on vacation to Hawaii.

New love?

Photographers caught her on the beach smiling from ear to ear in a pink bikini, frolicking on the waves and she didn’t mind at all that her nipple was sticking out of her bikini.

In addition, Cody was showered with smiles and touches, and fans began to speculate if a new love was born here. This was helped by the video that the producer shared on his Instagram, in which SZA in a bikini rushes into the sea. None of them have confirmed the relationship yet.

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Recognized Sculpture

On the new record, SZA spoke about plastic surgery for the first time. Right in the opening song he sings about his past “looks tural, but it’s not”. She put all previous speculation into perspective and fans appreciated her honesty.