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Prince Harry explains: ‘William pushed me to the ground after controversy over Meghan’

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This Prince HarryIn an interview with 60 Minutes prior to the publication of his memoir, he described an incident that occurred in early 2019. Prince William After an argument involving Harry’s wife, Meghan, erupted to the point where the two started punching. Here are the ones.

According to Harry, the shootout occurred in his cabin in Kensington Palace.

I guess it was an accumulation of disappointment on his part.“Harry told Anderson Cooper.”It was a time when people were saying things to him in his office. Same time, a lot of tabloids were reading a lot of stories. And he had some issues that weren’t based on reality.. I was also defending my wife. And he was looking for my wife – she wasn’t there at the time – but through the things she said. I was defending myself. And we moved from one room to the kitchen. She yelled at me and I yelled at her. It wasn’t cool. It wasn’t pleasant at all. And he got angry. And pushed me to the ground“.

it was a pretty bad experience“Harry said he cut his back as he fell, although he didn’t realize the injury right away. Prince William apologized but asked him not to tell anyone. But then Meghan saw the cut on his back.

“What is this?” said. “Oh, what?” I thought. I actually didn’t know what you were talking about. I looked in the mirror and was like ‘Oh c***’. ‘Cause I’ve never seen itsaid Harry.

The interview was Harry’s first interview with a US publisher before the release of his book Spare, scheduled for Tuesday. ITV aired an interview with him on Sunday, which will also appear on Good Morning America and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Harry claims Buckingham Palace is responsible for the leaks to the British tabloids.compares the print to the dragons in Game of Thrones.

Everything started with the daily information they gave against my wife, such lies that we had to flee our country.“.

Harry also said that he went to London for a charity event last September and learned that Queen Elizabeth was seriously ill. However, he was not invited to board the plane with other family members to visit the Queen before she died. Instead, he reached Balmoral on his own. But when he got there, the queen was already dead.

On these pages, you can read our review of the Netflix documentary series about the two of them, Harry and Meghan. But not everyone is on Harry’s side, for example Howard Stern has accused Harry and Meghan of being weepy.

Source: Every Eye

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