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‘It’s a Police Drama, But It’s Also a Story for Adults’: ‘The Decision to Leave’ Director Park Chan-wook Talks Privately

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Without a doubt, these are one of the biggest premieres of 2023, recently released. Servant. Chan-wook shook the retinas of the entire world with the perverse and compelling film that is one of the best movies of this century so far. old man. And slowly weaving one of these most unique filmographies South Korea is one of the countries that should be considered when it comes to cinema.

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Love, suspicion and betrayal: This is the ‘Decision to Leave’

After his award-winning stint where he won the Best Director award at Cannes in 2022, Decision to Leave In cinemas all over Spain next January 20. Auteur cinema with a strong commitment to an eager audience for strong sensations, through powerful stories that do not give up on curiosity, but without falling into cheap sensationalism. A sharp X-ray of modern society under the guise of a romantic thriller.

To cause Decision to Leavesays the director Exclusive track by SensaCine“I was inspired by two things: The first was the Korean song ‘Fog’, which I loved since I was little. So the story takes place in a foggy city and it’s a love story.”

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about what Decision to Leave?: “An investigator encounters a strange death and meets the victim’s widow. This is intriguing. The film paints a psychological portrait of both.“.

Then he talks a little bit about the characters in the movie. According to the widowed character Chan-wook, life has not been easy for her. “Seo-rae (played by Tang Wei) is very mature, meticulous, and persistent in love. She gives her all.” He also dedicates a few words to Inspector Hae-joon, played by Park Hae-Il: “He’s the head of homicide. He’s proud of his job. he is methodical, orderly and polite. He’s so talented, people admire him.”

One of the most attractive aspects Decision to Leave accompanying two people from very different backgrounds on the road From the moment they met to the moment they fell in love: Despite the language barrier (he’s Chinese and he’s Korean), it’s exciting to see how someone tries so hard to express how they feel. Sometimes it’s surprising to hear someone say something with a different nuance.

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“It’s a love story, but it’s also a story of doubt, betrayal, abandonment, and other things. All adults can experience this feeling.” The South Korean filmmaker concludes this prelude to the main course, brought to you by SensaCine, with these words: Decision to Leave finally opens in theaters across Spain on January 20 and we can’t wait to see it. and you?

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