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“I think people love the couple they form”: Brendan Gleeson and Colin Farrell talk about their new movie ‘The Banshee of Inisherin’, exclusive to SensaCine

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The couple that British filmmaker Martin McDonagh refers to when he says “people love the couple they form” is the couple created by actors Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. And it’s not a trivial statement, because tandem starred in one of the director’s great plays, hide in Bruges. McDonagh is presenting a new movie after its success. Three ads outsidethree Oscar winners: Best Picture, Best Actress for Frances McDormand, and Best Supporting Actor for Sam Rockwell.

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‘The lost souls of Inisherin’: two men with the same fate

He returns five years later with the same lead couple. Banshees by InisherinIn the words of one of the protagonists, Colin Farrell, it’s a film about “two friends who are not so many anymore and how it affects the society they live in”.

“I wanted the return of the tandem to be in a very different story than the one detailed here. hide in Bruges“, says the director. If in this he both gave life to several hit men who were supposed to live together in a European city, in it This time we witness the separation of lifelong friends Pádraic and Colm.. But Colm won’t give up on his efforts to regain his friendship, even if all of this has dire consequences.

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Banshees by Inisherin received confirmation of the award at a prestigious festival: it was premiered at the last Venice Festival and there Won Best Actor for Colin Farrell and Best Screenplay. “I have great admiration for Colin. I think his instincts and honesty are amazing.” Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, who we can see in the movie recently, says these words. the tragedy of Macbeth by Joel Coen.

Another star of the movie is Kerry Condon. flattering words for the actor: “Colin was perfect for the role of Pádraic because his demeanor and expressions are still very young.”

It’s Farrell’s turn to speak:

I can’t be very objective when it comes to working with Brendan. I adore him, admire him and respect him so much, I feel true love for him.

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How is Colm’s character? Brendan Gleeson himself responds: “So intense and so melancholic: I think in his worst moments the sadness of one is balanced by the joy of the other. Confronted with Pádraic’s naivete, Colm has a very sophisticated mind.” Adada reveres Colm, or so Kerry Condon thinks: “There seems to be a certain respect for Colm on the island, and that’s the same as Brendan in general. . You respect him so much.”

Who will people identify with? A question that threw the movie away. “Do you understand Colm’s stern demeanor who broke up with his friend, or do you identify with the good heartbroken person?” Director Martin McDonagh brings the pain of all of us to the screen firsthand: being the friend left behind or the person making the tough decisions to reduce their losses. The audience can draw their own conclusions. next February 3, premiere date Banshees by InisherinOne of the calls to be the best films of 2023 in theaters in Spain.

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