In the long awaited sequel John Wick With me Balleri plays in addition to “Neo z Matrix‘, referring to Keanu Reevesand the beautiful A de Armas also stars in the series The living Dead Norman Reedus (54) or perhaps Gabriel Byrne (72), whom we probably don’t even need to introduce. Some of the old characters will also return, such as Lance Reddick (60), Ian McShane (80) or Anjelica Hustonova (71).

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The main character A de Armas appeared in evening show host Jimmy Fallon (48), where he spoke about the difficult filming in our capital. “We filmed in Prague for four months, we still have a month left. But it hurts. My body, my back, everything hurts. I’m covered in bruises” she complained about the physically demanding work on the new film, which would no doubt be full of intense action scenes.

However, the pain of a wounded body is balanced by her collaboration with Reeves, who also appears to be a tireless superhero on set. “He’s amazing. By that I mean Keanu is just Keanu.” she melts because of an actor with whom she has already acted in a film in the past Dangerous temptation. But it was certainly not that difficult, because it was an erotic thriller, and now instead of wild sex, they show gunfights and fights together.

“The other day we were rehearsing our very difficult stunt scene together and this person is just spinning me and throwing me around and doing these crazy things… And I’m like, well, I really don’t have anything to complain about. ” de Armas, who was nomited for a Golden Globe for her role in the film, laughed in an interview Blonde. There, the famous brunette played the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. (36).

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If A wins an award, she will probably say thanks online from the Czech Republic for it, like actresses Rosamund Pike (43) and Gillian Anderson (54) last year. By the way, this is not the first filming in the country for de Armas, she was already blown here by the wind during the creation of the action movie Netflix. gray man.

Shooting balleris in any case, it will continue not only in Prague at the Natiol Theatre, where many scenes were created already in December, and in the very center of our centennial homeland, but also in Moravia and in the town of Štramberk outside Ostrava. All this before the beginning of February, after which post-production follows. Spin off John Wick won’t hit theaters until 2024.