The incident occurred around 05:00 on the 12th kilometer in the direction of Brno. However, during the collision, parts of the crashed cars flew off in the opposite direction, where other cars crashed into them. “Firefighters received information that a truck crashed on the highway, from which cargo spilled out. At the moment, there is a private company that removes car wreckage and cleans roads,” Vladimir Kerekova, spokeswoman for the regiol fire department, said after 8:30.

According to her, another complication arose at the 14th kilometer, where the truck was stopped due to a diesel fuel leak. “We are still interfering with this, we have a tank for pumping oil products there,” added the spokeswoman.

At around 08:00, the convoy in the direction of Prague stretched from the accident site to approximately the 29th km of D1. In the opposite direction, at the sixth kilometer, a line of cars lined up. Around 8:30 in the morning traffic in the direction of Brno was restored, and after a few tens of minutes in the opposite direction.

Due to an accident on the highway, drivers should expect more traffic in nearby municipalities. For example, in Řyčany, traffic jams were traditiolly not only on the busy road 101 leading to the highway, but also on smaller roads and on the streets of the city. Motorists stopped by there looking for altertive routes to travel to Prague. Buses have also been moved to off-highway detours. The bus to Tabor was involved in an accident, Prague Integrated Transport reports on Twitter.

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