Singer Melissa Vivian Jefferson, better known by her stage me Lizzo, is curvaceous and proud of it. Hits Artist About damn time whose 2 Be loved (Am I ready) she shamelessly demonstrates it both at concerts, where she performs in daring tomato costumes, and on the red carpet, where she has already brought out more than one sexy dress. And now she also took up the design of underwear.

As in the case of famous ladies, the author of the proposed negligee also posed in it. His brand me is Yitty imagined and imagined herself in social networks and filmed herself very casually, without any decorations and filters – she simply posed, shook and waved in her own living room, with a Christmas tree behind her back, in underwear, a deuce and the so-called “bodice”.

Collection called Smoothed reality (meaning “flattened reality” in Czech) consists of bralettes, high-waisted panties or even thongs, all not only in white, black or nude, but also in shades of neon lime green or pink. Looks like Lizzie’s plump underwear is going to be a hit in the market. Again. Allegedly, everything that Yitty has released so far has always been, according to the singer, “totally sold out, all the time, everything”.