The town of Montecito, populated by multimillion-dollar estates, is completely destroyed. And all because of the crazy storm that flooded the area. Streams turned into raging rivers, water poured from blocked roads.

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It is in Montecito that the luxurious residence of the British Prince Harry is located. with wife Meghan Markle. During the storm, Megan was left at home alone with the children. Prince Harry flew to New York to promote his book spare, which is due out today. At a time when Meghan and the children were in danger, he was sitting in the studio on the show. late show and was interviewed by host Stephen Colbert.

Firefighters from Los Angeles, 90 minutes away, arrived in the affected area and immediately ordered the evacuation of all residents. “Go away! This situation is evolving rapidly. Please pay close attention to emergency alerts.” ordered the fire department on the site.

Host Oprah Winfrey also has homes in Montecito, California.Jennifer Aniston or comedian Ellen DeGeneres. She even shared a video from a place where wild water flowed over the slopes. “Montecito is subject to mandatory evacuation. This is a high threat level, so they asked us to take cover. Please everyone stay safe.” she commented on the situation.

Paradoxically, the prince’s big day today, which was supposed to revolve around his book, has taken on a completely different dimension. Right now, the safety of his family is most important to him.