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Copenhagen Cowboy, here are the main inspirations for the Nicolas Winding Refn series

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Winding Refn restructured the stages of development. Copenhagen Cowboys, his new series has landed on Netflix. for the director To spread And Neon Demon this is the second consecutive series after the Amazon Prime Video experience. too old to die young. Here are the sources of inspiration.

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Speaking of the early stages of implementation, Refn stated that it all started after the arrival of the pandemic which forced him to be unable to move from Denmark. In fact, the director was initially developing another project to shoot in Los Angeles.

we’re stuck here [in Danimarca] due to the pandemic. I was working on something else to shoot in Los Angeles, and then the whole world turned off. And where better than Denmark? Like a good boy, I went to the village, to my mother’s house. And this idea came to me [per Copenaghen Cowboy]. I didn’t work in Denmark for as long as 17-18 years. When I needed to assemble the crew, I asked myself: who’s still out there? Many of the people I worked with in my Danish films in the past were still working.“.

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Talking about the main inspirations for the series, Refn pointed to both autobiographical and fictional sources:

My lifestyle, I’ve always been controlled by women. I have a wife and two daughters, who are my whole being. As soon as I left my mother, I hugged my wife. That’s why I only met women. I thought it would be fun to create a modern female superhero for Copenhagen Cowboy. Also, since many people believe I am the reincarnation of Hans Christian AndersenThere are some parallels in our lives and I wanted to add an element of fairy tale.“.

Speaking instead of the collaboration with Netflix, Refn added:

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It was a very soft negotiation. It’s a matter of trust. We had the same goal: to create a wonderful and exciting entertainment experience. I think this process doesn’t work very well for creativity. It took a lot of courage for Netflix to go through this procedure.. But the property was theirs and I had to respect that. We had a kind of silent agreement: Make sure it works. Yes sir, I will“.

Refn had previously explained in his filmography how the protagonist of Copenhagen Cowboy is the female evolution of male characters. You can recover the Copenhagen Cowboy trailer on these pages if you haven’t already.

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