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Beau Is Afraid: Joaquin Phoenix gets ripped apart in crazy trailer for Ari Aster’s new movie

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As promised, A24 has released its official trailer. Beau is scaredIt is the third cinematographic work written and directed by. Ari Asters It is the film that the director, who sees Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix as the absolute hero, has been dreaming of this project for a while. The trailer looks just as crazy and delirious as Aster’s previous work.

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The movie reflects us directly on the character’s messy life. Joaquin Phoenix, who seems to be suffering from a strange kind of delusion, possibly caused by trauma from a difficult childhood. Just when he decides to return home due to the death of his mother, the character has an accident and from that moment the dream side of the story takes the place of reality and we can no longer distinguish between reality and reality.

In addition to what Phoenix already looks like a big test, we’ll also find Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zoe Lister-Jones, Armen Nahapetian, Parker Posey, and Patti LuPone in the rest of the cast.

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The trailer also gives information about the release date of the movie, Set to April 21, 2023 (Who knows if there will be time to visit the Cannes Film Festival or even Berlina 2023). The truth is, we can’t wait to see this third work by one of the most talented directors of his generation, and it just took us by surprise with its debut. hereditary and then with his next work, the folk horror movie Midsommar.

Meanwhile, Joaquin Phoenix is ​​already on the set of Joker 2, where director Todd Phillips had the opportunity to release the first official footage. Lady Gaga will be with her as Harley Quinn, and the movie should feel more like a musical than an original episode.

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Source: Every Eye

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