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Pamela, a love story: Trailer for Pamela Anderson remake coming to Netflix

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Netflix released trailer Pamela, a love storyWhich movie pamela Anderson She appears in front of the camera to tell the truth and story of the scandal that affected her life and career, which was also covered in the Pam & Tommy mini-series broadcast on Hulu.

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This new documentary sets out to tell the truth about Anderson’s career and love life through the star’s own lens. The trailer begins with a series of rare footage from Anderson’s life, as stated by the model’s voiceover:I didn’t sleep at all last night“.

The footage continues with Anderson’s description: “I locked that tape that was stolen from my life to stay alive, and now that it’s out, I feel bad.“Anderson later goes on to state that he wants to do this”take control of the narrative for the first time“, as more images of her life and career are scrolled through.

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While Anderson never directly mentions Pam and Tommy, the Netflix trailer hints that: Hulu limited series was the fuse that ignited the making of this documentary. Pam & Tommy will compete at the upcoming Golden Globes in four main categories, including Best Miniseries or TV Movie.

Pam & Tommy, of course, primarily focuses on the theft and illegal distribution of a private sex tape recorded during Anderson’s (played by Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastain Stan) honeymoon. The tape was stolen from Anderson and Lee’s home in 1995 by Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen), and in the following years the controversy became one of the biggest tabloid stories of the decade.

trailer Pamela, a love story Netflix makes it clear Anderson will talk at length about the controversy and its impact on his reputation.. “I needed to continue my career with what I had,” says the actress and model. “But I’m not the girl who’s in trouble. I get myself into crazy situations and I survive.”

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Pamela, a love story will hit Netflix on January 31st.

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