The approximately five-kilometer section of the D1 highway from Chodov to Pruhonice ceased to be a highway from the beginning of 2023. In addition to beingseconds were no longer accrued, the speed was also limited from 130 km/h to 110 km/h.. The Roads and Highways Authority (ŘSD) also announced the move on its Twitter account in early January. Drivers who are accustomed to driving here for long periods of time can easily miss a transfer, which can cost them money.

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“Drivers, be careful! The current section of the D1 motorway between Sporzylov and Pruhonice, approx.. This site is excluded from the paid network from Sunday. At the same time, we expect to increase the speed to 110 km/h,” the RSD said.

Prague can’t own a highway

The section between Chodov, Sporzhilov and Pruchnice, respectively, is one of the busiest roads in the country. On weekdays, almost 90,000 cars pass through here every day., a quarter of which are cargo. The change is related to the memorandum of 2017, which was already created during the time of Mayor Adira Krchova (ANO).

“This change is based on a memorandum already from 2017, when all communications from the Prague Ring Road (PO) to the city will belong to the metropolitan area of ​​Prague and in the direction from the PO to the Central Bohemian Region, in turn, the state under the control of ŘSD. That is why a few months ago we handed over a part of the Strakonice road,” explains Barbora Liskova, spokeswoman for the Technical Communications Authority (TSK), which now mages the road, to Bleska. The value of the handed over section of the road is determined by a dotion agreement in the amount of 4.8 billion kroons..

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The capital city of Prague is not allowed to own a motorway, so the road was changed to first class, so a speed adjustment had to be made. “The maximum allowed road speed for motor vehicles is 110 km/h. outside the municipality and 80 km/h in the municipality, which is provided by law,” Lishkova said. The slowdown will also help the development of the area. “The decision to decommission the site under consideration, among other things, will allow further development of the adjacent area, which will further enhance the long-term changing value of the site under consideration,” added Lishkova.

A “pig house” that the locals will appreciate?

It was the reduction in speed that prompted many drivers to communicate. “After all, around this site (as far as I remember) is a deserted field and one shanty enclave behind a noise wall. And, sorry, this is one of the main arteries to / from the capital and intentiolly strangling her is just nonsense. In any case, it’s only for the sake of money,” Honza’s driver muses. Under the enclave, he probably meant the County – the part of the city that runs along the D1 highway and falls just below the capital. Sheberov, which is also part of the capital, extends on the opposite side of the highway when leaving Prague.

Therefore, the former vice-mayor of Prague 11, and now an opposition representative, Ondřej Prokop, does not agree with his statement. “Even as deputy mayor of Prague 11, I fought a lot for this,” he said on his Twitter. According to him, the locals will appreciate it very much. “Families living on Zakurilova Street for 200 years and from the windows of which the communists built the freeway will filly breathe a sigh of relief. I am glad that after many years of struggle, at least this was achieved for the locals,” Prokop concluded. Zakurilova, for a change, is in Khodov.