Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama the jury awarded the actor Austin Butler for the Elvis Presley biopic With me Elvis. Among women, she was awarded in the same category Cate Blanchett with film Tarawhere she played the conductor of a German symphony orchestra who faces obstacles in a male-domited environment.

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Category comedy won the Best Actor award Colin Farrell per Fairies of Inisherin. Among actresses, she won in the comedy category. Michelle Yeoh with film Everything, everywhere, at once.

Black comedy Fairies of Inisherin maged to change even the nomition for the script, for which he was awarded Martin McDoghh. Prize for the best non english spoken film there is a picture Argenti, 1985 FROM animated films most liked by the jury Pinocchio Guillermo del Toro. Composer Justin Hurwitz won a Golden Globe for the film score Babylon.

The Golden Globe Award is presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Category drama he proved Spielberg with film Fabelmans beat, among other things, the sequel to the blockbuster action movie Best shooter With me Top Shooter: Maverick or the second part of a rrative science fiction film Avatar James Cameron With me Avatar: Path of Water.

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Last year, several stars and TV studios boycotted the Golden Globes to protest the lack of diversity, and NBC refused to host them. Actors and others in the film industry have accused the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood of not having enough ethnic minorities in its ranks, of alleged racism and corruption.

Over the past year, the association has tried to show that it has changed. The awards show is filly back on NBC this year. The three-hour gala evening was hosted by an American comedian Jerrod Carmichael. Awards for life job actor took over Eddie Murphy. Actor Sean Penn There was also a video with the address of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskywhose country is facing Russian invasion.

Awarded in more than two dozen categories, the Golden Globe Awards were selected this year by 96 HFPA members and about 100 non-members. The Golden Globes often predict who will go on to win the most prestigious award in the film world, the Oscar.