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Is The Sandman really 100% “safe” with Netflix? Neil Gaiman answers!

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In a recent Tumblr post, Neil Gaiman assured all his readers and fans that The Sandman is completely “safe” with Netflix and that absolutely nothing will happen to him unless, of course, some kind of disaster or the final Apocalypse happens. The second season of The Sandman has been confirmed, just like the others.

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In the post, full of irony as always, and talking about the making of the series, Gaiman wrote:I define “safe”. Netflix could go bankrupt before Sandman launch. A new nightmare plague could force the world to shut its doors completely. All of the players can be eaten by the weasels and the series can be ended. But If there’s going to be Netflix and something unexpected and tragic isn’t going to destroy the world or the show, there will be Sandman.“.

the making of the first season Sand man it took so long because its demanding production required a tremendous amount of work, a huge budget for VFX, and several attempts to get the format right. With a production that began decades ago, The Sandman’s task was to find a patient distributor, especially if later seasons were to be made. unfortunately it came at a time when the streaming industry is canceling series on a whim (As in HBO Max’s Minx or AMC’s 61st Street, the controversy came from Steven DeKnight, Daredevil’s former showrunner).

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Warner Bros. and Discovery’s merger led to the cancellation of many episodes of HBO Max, and AMC and Netflix were quick to shut down the series. In the first two weeks of 2023, Netflix has already canceled 1899 and the animated series Inside Job, although it has been renewed for a second season.

In recent weeks, one of the show’s producers has suggested that what’s coming in the future might not just be Season 2 of The Sandman, but a new story volume in line with the comic tradition.

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