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Hirokazu Kore-eda, her first series based on the manga The Makanai, is coming to Netflix

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It will premiere on Netflix tomorrow, January 12. Makanai: Cooking for Maiko Houseseries produced by Hirokazu Kore-eda Based on the bestselling manga featuring two young girls who move to Kyoto to begin their education as “maiko” or apprentice geisha. A dying art that is still resisted and respected in Japan.

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Interview with the film’s acclaimed Japanese director, Deadline a family relationship And Good stars – Broker admitted that he was influenced by the original manga.

The director said he was influenced by the original manga because it was a “story about foodbut since he knew nothing about the maiko culture and the Kyoto houses where they were heavily educated, he was interested in doing research. The series has a similar theme to A Family Affair in some ways.because they are the stories of a group of people who both live together as a kind of family unit but are not related by blood.

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There was also an interesting setting set in another world, separated from the modern era by only one path.Added Kore-eda.I thought it was the perfect setting for a story set in Kyoto revolving around a group of people eating and living together under one roof.“.

Kore-eda also used the project as an opportunity to mentor three young filmmakers.. After creating this world, he co-wrote with another protégé Mami Sunada, trained through the production company Bun-Buku, and directed the first two episodes himself, letting some young directors direct the other seven episodes under his supervision. “Young directors can’t just make feature films: it’s important to give them the opportunity to direct.said Kore-eda.

Discover Makanai: Cooking for Maiko House, all that’s left is to watch Netflix on January 12. To learn more about the Hirokazu Kore-eda figure, we refer you to a review of The Good Stars Broker, whose latest film won an award at Cannes, and a review of The Truths, the director’s first film outside Japan.

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