When Hilary Swank was in her second trimester of pregncy, she decided it was time to announce the good news to the public. She did it in the morning session good morning america and she was genuinely happy to publicly share the secret with her fans.

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“I’m going to be a mom. Not one, but two children. I can’t believe that. It’s great to filly be able to talk about it and share it with people.” said the actress, who maged to conceive twins with her second husband, Philip Schneider.

The Oscar-winning actress will soon become a mother, but even the highest stage of pregncy did not prevent her from coming to watch the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.

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She happily stroked her belly and smiled in all directions. It’s clear that the twins are desirable, and Hilary can’t wait to bury them the first time.

Actress Kaley Cuoco wasn’t the only woman in attendance at the awards ceremony. he is also in a different state.