Jessie J., that is, Jessica Ellen Cornish, in the past was not lucky with partners. After two breakups with actor Channing Tatum (42), she decided to become a single mother. But after she lost her long-awaited child, she pulled away from social networks somewhat and became much more protective of her persol life. Now it is clear why this was so – she protected her next pregncy until she was sure that everything was going the right way and she was carrying a child safely.

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“I am so happy and scared at the same time that I can filly share this with you. Please be nice to me. Honestly, this girl just wants to cry ugly in public in a cat outfit and eat a chocolate-covered cucumber without any questions.” – said the beauty in the social network and added a video that, under a touching song, displays the individual periods of her pregncy. Judging by the size of her vel, in which new life is growing, she should give birth “in a few.”

The pretty actress did not hide the fact that the first trimester was very difficult for her. “They warned me about it” — future mother Jessie Jay said on Instagram with several pictures showing that she was tormented not only by mood swings and fatigue, but also by frequent usea — she calmly allowed herself to be immortalized with her head in the basket in which she vomited. In a word, this beautiful, blessed state has a downside…

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It is not known exactly who the father of the singer’s child is. However, it is likely that it should be the basketball player Chan Safir Kolman (38), with whom the hit performer Bang Bang, price tag whose Torch they form a couple. However, the couple has not yet officially confirmed their relationship, so it is possible that Jessie’s dream of single motherhood has filly come true…

Still better than a relationship with the aforementioned Hollywood hottie who apparently didn’t have time for a relationship due to her busy schedule.