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New footage from The Legend of Vox Machina: Season 2 is coming to Prime Video

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Prime Video has released a new official clip from its second season. The Legend of Vox Machinawill begin broadcasting on January 20, following the unexpected success of the first season. The clip in question shows all the humor of this show, which immediately became one of the most popular in the catalog.

The series focuses on the first set of characters from the original Dungeons & Dragons script.. In the early stages of their adventure, this misfit group encounters Lord and Lady Briarwood, two of the monsters who conquered Whitestone years before the events of the series and captured a member of the group, Percy (Taliesin Jaffe). As Vox Machina defeated Briarwood, in the final scene of season 1, a group of dragons destroyed all of Tal’Dorei.

While the previous trailer of Legend of Vox Machina showed the fight against dragons, the latest clip released by Prime Video shows us a very different type of threat. While a massive fall could easily cause all members of the group to be completely wiped out, it cannot stop the Scanlan team from smashing through a magical door on the edge of a cliff. Keyleth and Scanlan’s quick reflexes keep Vox Machina alive, but they also do not lack some of the show’s signature humor.

second season The Legend of Vox Machina It will see the return of all the original cast members, along with new voiceovers including Troy Baker (The Last of Us), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Cowboy Bebop) and Henry Winkler (Inside Job). The season will start on January 20 next. Just Troy Baker talked about his new character for The Last of Us and HBO.

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