The No Doubt singer said on Tuesday that she traveled to Japan’s Harajuku area in 2004 as inspiration before releasing her controversial collection. Harajuku lovers. And as she walked the streets, she said she realized that she was actually Asian.

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“I thought, “Oh my God, I’m Japanese and I didn’t know that.” she replied to the reporter, who, unlike her, was actually Asian.

“I am really,” she sat up when she saw the incredulous expression on the jourlist’s face. Since then, many of her fans have become nervous, fearing for her mental health. The American singer has proven Italo-Irish roots from both parents.

The author of the famous hit “Do not say” stated that she not only identifies herself as Asian, but also “a little girl from Orange County, a little Japanese girl, a little English girl.” Her representative tried to contact the jourlist the day after the interview and make amends for possible losses. But it didn’t work out very well.

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Fifty-three-year-old Stefanova many times accused of embezzlement of cultural property (acceptance of the customs and customs of another people without belonging to it. As a result, sacred symbols are often misused and desecrated. ed.). During the summer, for example, she was criticized for wearing dreadlocks and a dress inspired by the Jamaican flag.

“It should be okay to be inspired by other cultures, because if it’s not allowed, it divides people, right?” she asked the editor.

This sentence is an interpreter of the song “Rich Girl” she repeats each time another accusation of cultural appropriation is made against her. She has been criticized in the past for wearing sacred Indian robes. bindings, when she threw with her Indian teammate Tony Kal.