Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle (41) some time ago fled from the UK to the US to live the life of ordiry people who are not reported daily in the media. However, since he moved beyond the big puddle, the media themselves have been amply represented to show their vision of what goes on behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace – they give interviews, they make a documentary about them, and, above all Harry wrote his memoirs. They were released worldwide on Tuesday, January 10 and were immediately controversial. In addition to shocking content, they also offer shocking gratitude.

It is an unspoken rule that all of his relatives are included in gratitude to the author. The author mes those who were responsible for the creation of the book and explains why this was so. You can usually find it at the very end of the book. For autobiography Sparei.e. in Czech Sub, is no different. Is that the red-haired prince forgot about someone – oh whole his British part of the family, to whom he owes both his worldwide popularity and his wealthy account.

The acknowledgments make no mention of Harry’s father, King Charles III. (74) about his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. ( 96) or other members of the royal family. Instead, he thanks someone else. Of course he thanks his wife and children, he hasn’t forgotten his mother-in-law, Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland (66) or his mother Princess Dia’s siblings. (36) who, in his opinion, deserve it “excellent thank you” for their “love, support, time and perspective”. And that’s very sweet of him, hands down.

“First of all, I thank Archie and Lily for allowing my father to read, think and work, and my mother-in-law (aka grandmother) and my incredible wife for too many millions of gifts and sacrifices, big and small, to list. Love of my life, thank you, thank you, thank you. This book would not have been possible without you (logistically, physically, emotiolly, spiritually). Many things would not be possible without you.” Megan admitted frankly.

But then the Duke of Sussex thanks a whole host of Hollywood VIPs, the list is so long it’s embarrassing. Among them, for example, leading Oprah Winfrey. (68), comedian James Corden (44) and singer Chris Martin (45). In addition to gratitude, he also “embrace”. And he also refused “special thanks to” friends in the UK who supported him when he was “in the fog”and the therapist, he said, helped him “untangle years of unresolved trauma”.

He also mentions Penguin Random House, where he published his memoirs, saying they are now for him. “friends and colleagues”also does not pass “professiols, medical experts and trainers”, an employee of the charity Archewell, and two of his sergeants from Sandhurst. Not a word about Brother William, for example (40), which Harry then writes that he allegedly attacked him, or his wife Princess Catherine (41), which is said to have brought Meghan to tears again…