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Is there a role for Lady Gaga on Wednesday 2nd after Bloody Mary? Jenna Ortega has the idea!

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Wednesday It was an intergenerational phenomenon, a few others. Even Netflix proves it, choosing Lady Gaga’s Bloody BMary—which isn’t on the soundtrack but is used in the videos that exploded on TikTok—for the announcement teaser for the second season. And now Jenna Ortega has the perfect proposal for Lady Gaga.

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Renovation was definitely not a lightning out of the blue, alla Season 2the by-product of that resounding success Addams family Starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday. On the other hand, within a few weeks, the series became the most watched (in English) ever on Netflix, even breaking the previous record for the fourth season. stranger things. But it certainly was, if not a shock, nonetheless. One of the most timely refreshes in recent history for a first-run array.

Netflix began assessing success long before the ratings data were released, and it showed it in full with its Wednesday 2nd teaser announcement. mass phenomenon The series also adds as a social soundtrack remixes Bloody Marys Contrary to popular belief, this is not in the series, but only TikTok inspired by it. Now Jenna Ortega is opening up for a cameo for Lady Gaga herself after commenting on Wednesday’s renovation.

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The actress recalled with Variety: “Oddly enough, I was working with a hairdresser who worked with Gaga a long time ago, and I had seen Gaga in concert a few years ago. The hairdresser convinced Gaga to videotape me, saying she heard I was a fan. Gaga made me a nice video. I doubt you remember. But seeing you do it now… It is one of those moments when you realize that life is changing so fast.Frankly, Ortega is referring to the dance that Lady Gaga responds to in various TikTok videos.

Regarding a possible role that could be offered to the pop star in season 2, Ortega offered an excellent idea: “If Lady Gaga was to be a part of it, she would have to play another freak who gets it Wednesday.“.

What do you think of Jenna Ortega’s proposal? Would you like to see Lady Gaga too? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Every Eye

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