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Margot Robbie came to ‘Babylon’ as a second course, but that didn’t stop her from changing everything: ‘I needed someone who was totally animalistic’

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In less than a decade, Margot Robbie has become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. On his third movie with Brad Pitt, before work big gamble Y Once upon a time… in Hollywood and now it goes Babylon– Like the gorgeous Harley Quinn, she has her own franchise and doesn’t stop chaining blockbuster movies. In the final edition of the Golden Globes, Pitt himself shone at a table of Quentin Tarantino and his latest film, Damien Chazelle.

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Along with Chazelle, Robbie also stars. BabylonAn epic tale of the arrival of sound films in Hollywood in the 1920s. The film – as we said, is one of this year’s most anticipated films, despite the opportunity to star in the lead role with Brad Pitt and its bad luck at the US box office. – It’s one of those opportunities that can’t be denied, but it did happen. Emma Stone, who said no to the role because of programming issues.

before everything

That’s how Margot Robbie got her chance to star in the movie, and although it’s still in development, it revolutionized it. Only stars like him can afford it. It was based on Clara Bow, while the main character was in charge of Stone.Royal actress, one of the most recognizable figures of the 20th century. Moving on to Robbie, Clara Bow’s inspiration fell through and character reshaped to be more fictional.

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and he was born nelly laroy, the star of the 20s, who required a very special translator. in an interview with The Wall Street GazetteDamien Chazelle of Robbie’s performance “all animal”.

I needed someone who was absolutely fearless. He felt it was going to attack him. He has a kind of predatory physical prowess. On the other hand, he is the most technically skilled actor you can work with as a director.

Seeing how Margot Robbie prepared the role, we were not surprised by Chazelle’s words. Robbie used animals to shape her character’s character and get her to that “completely bestial” place the director wanted, she said. She looked to an octopus for “fluid” and “transformative” talent, and a badger that was always “ready to fight”. The actress admits that she worked hard on the set and has never worked “so” “so much” in her life. She says “I’m devastated at the end” The Wall Street Gazette.

Babylon It received five nominations at the 80th Golden Globe Awards, including Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. Finally he went home with the figurine. Best Original Score for Justin Hurwitz. In a few weeks, we’ll find out how lucky he was to get an Oscar nomination.

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