Phoenix boy was born at the end of January 2023, and Hilton then in February she celebrated her 42nd birthday.

Although she froze her eggs in case of later pregncy, she ended up using them for a surrogate mother. And she had a very persol reason for it. She couldn’t get over the fear of childbirth she witnessed on the reality show. Golden girls.

“I had to be in the room with a woman who was giving birth, and it traumatized me. But I really want a family, it’s just the physical part of how to do it. I’m just too scared. Birth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything.” heiress Paris told Glamor UK magazine.

She was introduced to the surrogacy method by her friend Kim Kardashian., who had two of her four children taken away. Hilton plans to repeat the same procedure with other descendants. She and her husband had several embryos frozen. “We did it seven times. I only have boys. I have twenty boys.” boasted the new mother. Now she cannot get enough of her son, and she and her husband surround him with all their love.