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Delta: suspense and murders at Po in trailer with Alessandro Borghi and Luigi Lo Cascio

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in these moments Adler Entertainment Official trailer has been released. DeltaA new Italian thriller, presented at the Locarno Film Festival and released in theaters from March 23.

The story takes place at: Delta del Po, scene of conflict between poachers and fishermen: The trailer in the article tells the story of Osso (Luigi Lo Cascio), who seeks to protect the river from the indiscriminate fishing of the Florian family fleeing the Danube. There is Elia (Alessandro Borghi), who was born there with the Florians. Drowning in blind violence and a thirst for revengeThe two will face off in the mists of the Delta, discovering their true nature in a hero-free duel.

I thought of Delta as a long journey. The river that leads to the Italian heart of darkness” said director Michele Vannucci. “Following this sentiment without judgment, the film chronicles what’s left of the lives of heroes once crushed by the brutality of violence: tales of loneliness and wildlife, tales of the bandit and sheriff. Men and women lost in the fogHe struggles not to succumb to his instincts.

Produced by Matteo Rovere and Giovanni Pompili, the film also stars Emilia Scarpati Fanetti, Greta Esposito, Denis Fasolo, Marius Bizau and Sergio Romano. For other content, we remind you that Alessandro Borghi can be found on Sky with The Hanging Sun and his colleague Luigi Lo Cascio on Prime Video with The Bad Guy.

Delta It will be released in theaters in Italy from March 23.Produced by Groenlandia and Kino Produzioni and Rai Cinema, and distributed by Adler Entertainment.

Source: Every Eye

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