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Peter Pan and Wendy are returning to Neverland with the first official trailer!

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Children who do not want to know how to grow up will always find a place for themselves in Neverland: so this day comes to remind us of the way to Neverland. Peter Pan and WendyLive action where Disney will allow us to experience once again the adventures of the two heroes, the Darling brothers and the Lost Boys.

After months of silence after the release of the official poster of Peter Pan & Wendy, Disney finally broke the delay by showing us the first trailer of the movie he directed. David Lowery (A Ghost Story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), Jude Law will take on the role of Captain Hook.

Judging from what we’ve seen in the trailer, part of the movie looks like it’s getting very close. Disney classic from 1953: However, Peter Pan & Wendy shouldn’t be a full-blown remake, but rather something like an all-around remake of James Matthew Barrie’s novel; However, it’s impossible not to notice how closely some elements are reminiscent of the famous animated movie (the Big Ben scene and the appearance of the Darling brothers, just to name a few).

After taking a look at Jude Law’s Captain Hook in some stills from the set, we’re ready to embark on this new adventure between the two of us. pirates, indians, lost children, fairy dust and of course children who don’t want to grow up. Curious? Tell us yours in the comments!

Source: Every Eye

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