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Dead Ringers releases teaser for new Amazon series inspired by Cronenberg’s movie

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Remakes are now the order of the day. This destiny is also Dead RingtonesDavid Cronenberg’s 1988 famous film starring Jeremy Irons in a double role. The first trailer for the serial adaptation starring Rachel Weisz has arrived.

In the 1988 film, which is the favorite of the fans of the thriller genre, tells the story of identical twins throughout People who always make it a habit to share everything in their lives. The arrival of a woman will change the cards on the table and cause initial conflicts between the two. Let’s see in the new trailer of the series published by Prime Video Rachel Weisz takes on the role of heroes This time it turned out that they were twins.

being revived It is a modernized version of Cronenberg’s work. a film that tries to revive a movie that is remembered by many, especially for its avant-garde style of staging the twins. Either way, it was up to Jeremy Irons to interpret them, but it still seemed like a huge technological revolution at the time. In addition to explaining what Dead Ringers is all about, the series will show the progress made by the CGI and from the film and television environment.

Cronenberg’s cinema is full of directions, genre variations, and masterpieces. Among them is Assassin’s Promises, which, according to Vincent Cassel, will never have a sequel. What are you thinking? Tell us about it in the comments!

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