The divorce of one of the richest men on the planet after forty years of a seemingly happy marriage shocked the whole of New York. Even more surprising was his reason – Mrs. Englander fell in love with another woman.

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he doesn’t want to pay

Caryl Englander (68) fell hopelessly under the spell of Swiss gallery owner Dominic Levy (55), who was 14 years her junior, and said goodbye to her husband forever. Now he was left not only with a broken heart, but also with a noticeably lighter wallet.

According to New York Page Six sources, both women claim the billioire literally terrorized them into breaking up. In 2020, Caryl allegedly forced her to sign a “post-marital agreement” in which she gave up several billion dollars that were legally hers. In addition, they testified before the New York Supreme Court that Englander repeatedly cheated on his wife.

He drove his wife to ruin

“He began to terrorize both women in order to end their relationship. He thought he could intimidate Caryl into coming back to him.” is in the file. The proof should be the fact that women have already trusted many of the people around them in the past. Englander even tried to destroy Dominic’s reputation and career and verbally attacked his wife in front of the children because of the affair. The bullying was supposed to be so strong that Caryl barely ate or slept.

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“He consistently intimidated Caryl into signing a series of contracts and fincial documents, culmiting in a November 2020 prenuptial agreement that stripped her of her share of the billions of dollars in family assets the couple had built and amassed together over more than four decades. marriage.” – says the lawsuit of the billioire’s wife.

Billion dollar secret deal

In the end, the couple quietly agreed. The Englishman must pay his wife 1 billion dollars, i.e. over 22 billion CZK. And this is already a solid foundation for a new chapter of life. However, for one of the richest people in the world, this is mostly just small change.