Britney Spears quite often she shows herself in social networks in revealing outfits, underwear, bikinis, and even completely ked. Although it worries her sons. It was because of her nude photos on the social network that she quarreled with her sons a year ago and has not seen them since.

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“By the end of the summer of 2022, the tension between them became so strong that the boys stopped responding to her messages. And she was furious.” This was announced by TMZ producer Kathy Hayes in the documentary Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom.

With sons Sean Preston (17) and Jayden James (16), Britney has not had an ideal relationship for a long time. She was accused not only of photos on the network, but mainly of her parenting abilities. “I think it was hard for mom to give both of us attention and show us equal love; I don’t think she showed Preston enough and I feel really bad about it.” her youngest son Jaden confessed to the Daily Mail at the time.

The boys have definitely lost interest in communicating with their mother. Their great support comes from Britney Spears’ father and ex-husband Kevin Federlin. “I try to explain to them, ‘Look, maybe this is just another way they’re trying to express themselves.’ But that doesn’t change their perception.” he told the Daily Mail. “It’s difficult. I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with this teeger in high school.” Federlin added.

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That is why he decided to move with the whole family to Hawaii. She hopes that the boys will be away from the worries they face in Los Angeles and that things will soon calm down and they will find their way back to their mother again.