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Cannes Film Festival Day 8: The Palme d’Or ‘Field of Interest’ Jonathan Glazer’s disturbing narration on the Holocaust affected the festival

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HE Cannes Film Festival it’s coming to its final stage, and it looks like there’s already a clear winner to take the pick. palm d’or.

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area of ​​interestDirected by Jonathan Glazer, inspired by the novel of the same name by Martin Amis. how does it stand out Alejandro G. Calvo, the movie “takes the concept, but the reality is a little different.” The story follows: Family of a Nazi officer in charge of Auschwitz concentration camp.

film “an absolute portrait of off-screen horror, the banality of evil”. The Holocaust is a background – it is off-screen – and what the film shows is the daily life of the prominent family: relationships with their wives, children, meetings with friends… In other words, “we automatically see only what happens inside the house”.

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As G. Calvo explains:

The best thing is to tell without showing fear. How does fear always exist, seeing nothing but the boring lives of its makers?

area of ​​interest bother with dark comedy tones and “making eos in a Holocaust movie is something that needs to be handled very carefully.”

To stage this story, Glazer returns as she’s already shown in her Nicole Kidman starring movie. BirthTo Stanley Kubrick:Everything is still, long, cold, geometric shots and we only see the family pass by. Sometimes Nazi officials have meetings looking at how the annihilation officialdom will be implemented.

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In short, it’s a movie. “Trying to be a nuisance, a nuisance, and a really powerful exercise of style and morality.“. As G. Calvo concludes: “It’s a really impressive film and so there’s a consensus of criticism behind it”.

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