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‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ compares itself to Marvel and isn’t afraid to share its plans to become the next big fantasy and action epic.

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it’s been a few weeks Knights of the Zodiac It debuted in theaters in the United States and has since ‘excite‘ for discovering the result first live action movie The history of Masami Kurumada’s famous manga and subsequent anime – and various adaptations – has not stopped growing. Now a reality: adaptation Saint Seiya Productions directed by Tomasz Baginski It opens today, Friday, May 26, in movie theaters across Spain.

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Starring Mackenyu, Madison Iseman, Famke Janssen and Sean Bean, the film presents a modern and technologically advanced scenario where a young woman named Sienna (Iseman) turns out to be the reincarnation of the powerful Greek. goddess Athena. At the beginning of the story, Seiya (Mackenyu), a young man traumatized by his past and making a living through illegal fights, is captured by the German Kiddo (Bean), who tells him he is destined to become a Knight of the Zodiac. an important task to fulfill: protect and save the world.

Long awaited by those who love both the original manga and the famous anime of the late 80’s, undoubtedly the most famous and beloved of all that has ever been made, Knights of the Zodiac He also has his own mission. And no less ambitious: Start a great new action and fantasy saga of at least six movies.

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“The original manga consists of 28 comic book volumes. The original anime series had 140 episodes and 30 or 40 sequels to the original comic. So that’s almost 200 episodes. You can make many movies with it.“, he assured in an interview last summer Variation Not to mention Ikezawa Yoshi, international producer of Toei Animation, the Japanese production company behind the project with American Stage 6 Films, without hiding his plans or even talking about following in Marvel’s footsteps with his UCM.

And after Marvel’s success, studios are looking for properties that can make sequels like “Harry Potter” or “The Hunger Games.” We think of six movies as a package.

“We’ve laid the groundwork for making sequels to this movie. And we’re already talking about it,” he said of his large-scale plans. And not just for the saga. “As long as the marketing is done [para la primera película] Then we’ll probably start. But the decision isn’t just down to this live-action movie. Also with CGI animation and series. Essentially, we’re making this movie in live motion for new audiences and in 2D animation for older audiences. Thus, new fans who enjoyed the movie can also come to watch the series.”

Also, Ikezawa Yoshi is optimistic about where we are now. a formerly more niche project like this could turn into a ‘mainstream’ commercial successthis is exactly what they’re looking for Knights of the Zodiac“Until recently, our audience was people who enjoyed anime. These fans are unique and different from viewers who enjoy American comics or superheroes. While the ceiling is getting wider, we wanted to break free from these restrictions and take a more entrepreneurial approach.

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“They wanted to expand further into the mainstream,” he continues. “It’s a big step for a traditional Japanese animation company to try to break into Hollywood. And with Knights of the Zodiac we don’t just enter the live action arena, we target the international standard general market.”

With Knights of the Zodiac Already in theaters, now is the time to see if the producer’s ambitious plans can be realized. The movie, which has a budget of $ 60 million so far, has grossed 5.8 million dollars worldwide.

Source: Sensacine

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