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1,430 VHS tapes of ‘Titanic’: We’re stunned by this fan’s collection and it doesn’t seem to stop

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If you think you are the biggest fan TitanicIf you can compare yourself to this user, think again. TikTok who has a room with 1,430 copies inside vhs From the movie directed by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

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The VHS is already outdated, but the user titanicfan97 He started collecting them in 2012 when he found 12 copies in a second-hand store.

@titanicfan97 #stitch with @Rick Groen Be careful. Once you start you can’t stop. #titaniconvhs #sorunlar ♬ original sound – titanicfan97

The room he proudly showcases on TikTok doesn’t just house an enormous number of tapes. Titanic three televisions he owns, as well as playing tapes incessantly, and about five dolls with faces. Jack Dawson.

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as described axis By 2022, his goal is to seize as many tapes of the film as he can out of the 25 million VHS copies sold. Again, Thinks it’ll stop when I hit a figure between 1997 and a million. Considering he has 1,430… He’s not going to stop yet.

He’s not the only one collecting as many copies of the same movie as possible. For example, there is another TikTok user doing the same. Shrek. call yourself wyattmatterz and he has another additional plan: collect all his copies Titanic titanicfan97 can and will destroy them on VHS lest it achieve its purpose.

@wyattmatterz @titanicfan97 see you on the field #shrek #nourisheveryyou #shrekisloveshrekislife #unboxing #mystery #movies ♬ original sound – wyattmatterz

If you’ve ever wondered how long it took for this TikTok user to see all the VHS tapes he owns, he has his answer in a video himself. There are 1,430 copies and Cameron’s film is 3 hours 14 minutes or 195 minutes long. There are 278,850 minutes in total. It would be 4.647.5 in hours. In days: 193.

@titanicfan97 How long will it take to watch my entire titanic collection on VHS #titanic #fordays ♬ original audio – titanicfan97
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titanicfan97 doesn’t show only the room reserved for it in TikTok videos. Titanicshe also shows some “commercial” objects from the movie and shares her trips to secondhand stores to get more copies for her collection. There are never too many Jacks and Roses.

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