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‘Secaderos’ is a journey through identity in a magical Granada with an accent you can check out in this exclusive clip

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One of the most asked questions to a child is ‘What will you do when you grow up?It was as if we knew something about ourselves at that young age. As if we were all born in the same social and economic conditions. Astronaut, veterinarian, firefighter. As if there was no difference between being born in a town in the Granada countryside and being born in the capital Madrid.

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Magical realism in Vega de Granada

dryersFilmmaker Rocío Mesa’s unconventional suggestion, explore this question: identity (female) through two very young women, one younger than the other. and suggests two opposite ways where his teaching took place: one lives in Madrid and goes to Vega de Granada to visit his grandparents; the other is a young woman who is beginning to feel that this town is too small for her, that her bars are trapping her flesh, and that the door of the cage that surrounds her seems open but still cannot get through.

And all this under a great prism. The youngest, along with the children of the town, is stunned by the sight of a mysterious creature that evokes compassion and curiosity. sun-drying tobacco leaves in the ‘dryers’, which the film gives its name. A profession in danger like life itself in a town where the sun dries up the raw materials. As its inhabitants do with their own meat. It is more prominent in the elderly and is a symbol of an altruistic life. Not yet at the youngest.

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Amplitude, The Clapperboard PC, The Ugly Reality, Dryers The AIE Movie, A Whim of Productions

HE longing to find what someone wants being very well exemplified in the clip SensaCinema presents you below and also where the magical creature of the movie appears. A surprisingly natural and miraculously factual dialogue conducted by two non-professional actors (as is almost the entire cast of the film, with the exception of Tamara Árias (The Invisible Girl). Andalusia is spoken.

dryersto be premiered June 2 In cinemas all over Spain, it is part of the ‘return to origins’ suggested by recent films such as alcarras anyone This, but it embraces magical realism. A Unique, attractive offer with an Andalusian accent.

Source: Sensacine

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