Ondrej Bzobogatyv in an interview for Blesk, he admitted that transvestites are among his hobbies. This is usually a man who caricatures a woman with his clothes and behavior, either for entertainment or for artistic purposes. “We organized many parties in this spirit, even in New York a year after our wedding, which was Tatia’s idea. We were all wearing clothes and she didn’t seem to mind that.” revealed the musician, saying that there is also a photo of them together in disguise from a party in New York.

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“But please, in this lawsuit it is portrayed as if I am acting like some kind of crazy monster in disguise. It’s absolutely absurd.” he added that because of his hobby, he also had to find a sex worker. “Tatya sent me to her, to be more precise. I went there because I wanted to prove to her that my cross-dressing tendencies had nothing to do with my orientation, as Tatia feared. At the same time, she wanted to confirm that this is not a hereditary disease.”

And these words touched Tomasz Stupka very much. “I was very surprised. Not even in terms of Voices Against Violence, but I was also a former delegate of the Czech Republic to the UN, so I was very surprised that Ms.who is an SDG ambassador from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, would say something like that, and, above all, she would speak out and act in such a homophobic manner, ” said in an interview for Expres.cz about Kukharzhova.

“It’s not just transphobia, it’s downright homophobia. She sent her husband to sexology only because he wants to be a transvestite. This seems like complete madness to me, and I would definitely like to express my support for Ondrej. Just be yourself, let everyone do what they want.” Stupka continued, saying that he had already begun talking to the Foreign Office about whether it would be wise for Kukharzhova to continue working at the UN.

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“People who use the word ‘sexual deviance’ in 2023 to refer to someone who dresses as a woman and walks around in a suit, I find absurd and not part of a democratic society. Or let him say so, but then he does not represent the Czech state at intertiol events,” Stupka added.

Tanya Kukharzhova herself reacted to his statements, who initially did not want to comment on anything until the church dispute was resolved. “This is too serious a topic to leave without a reaction, although I try to stick to the fact that I will not comment until the annulment of the church marriage,” she said on Instagram.

“The cyberbullying that I am currently facing has several levels. One of them is the accusation of homophobia. This is the part that really touches me. I have 15 years of work in the non-profit sector and 8 years of work in the field of human rights. I fight for the rights of women, minorities, support marriage for all. Even about the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, I am not afraid to speak out loud”, she told what she devotes her time to, and added that one interview was enough and everything was gone. “No one has seen my text, but everyone understands everything at once. Nobody wants proof. I feel especially sorry for the people from whom I expected more.” – she wrote and marked Krishtof Stupka, apparently so that he would not miss her words.

And it really happened. “Thank you for this statement, I’m glad that everything has cleared up. I spoke emotiolly.” he responded in Ta’s comments saying that he’d better not comment on it at all.