On that fateful November day, he was with a friend in Pilsen, and they rode the train together. The boy thought it would be nice to take a picture on the van. But a fatal mistake took revenge on Daniel.

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“When we got into the car and I wanted to take a picture of my friend, I was electrocuted, I caught fire and fell between the cars. I broke my spine and that’s how it all started.” Daniel recalls. He ended up in a wheelchair, but did not suspect that much more serious health problems would come. “My tissues started to break down, I developed sepsis, a life-threatening infection, and eventually I lost my first leg, then half of the other leg, and filly it wasn’t enough and I lost half of my body,” Returns in difficult times Daniel.

18:00 in the hall

The procedure the young man underwent is professiolly called a hemicorporectomy. Simply put, this involves removing the entire lower half of the body to spare the rest of the never-ending infection. The success rate and patient survival rate for this procedure is 50 percent.

“The patient was in the ward for 18 hours, the procedure itself lasted more than 16 hours, during which 22 people of various professions were there around the clock. We had a very detailed plan, so each stage was timed. It turned out that the preparation was not mandatory, but excellent. Maged to put it all together Professor Jiří Hoch from the Surgery Clinic II then spoke about the procedure itself. Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital in Motol.

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Collection on a handbike and burned

Now Daniel is trying to live within his means, his girlfriend and dog give him strength. Before the accident, he was very fond of sports and cycling. Now the young man is trying to get a handbike on which he could train. “I think that if I keep myself in shape, I will have fewer complications and this will greatly improve the quality of my life.” Daniel thinks. Therefore, to help him, a collection was created on the Donio charity platform. If more money is raised, Daniel intends to dote it to Avalone, an organization dedicated to the prevention and care of children after burn injuries.