Why is the weather favoring the yellow-black aggressors this year? Morning dew usually indicates that the day will be clear and warm. And that’s what wasps like. “If the weather is warm and sunny, they can really rejoice. “Weddings” and swarming of August wasps are not disturbed by rain and are not threatened by washing away of their nests. – explain meteorologists from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. In addition, such weather favors the ripening of fruits. And the wasps love it. This summer has been warm so far, so it is not surprising that wasp attacks have become more frequent.

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The woman’s heart stopped

“In Prague, the number of interventions for insect bites is the highest in the last three years,” says Ja Postova, spokeswoman for the Prague ambulance service. The rescuers of the Central Bohemian region have a similar experience. They also dealt with a serious case in which a woman (aged 64) in Nymburk went into cardiac arrest after being stung by a wasp. Fortutely, she was revived.

When to call for help?

Of course, not all wasp stings require medical attention. “Help must be called in case of a severe allergic reaction to insect venom, the so-called aphylactic shock, which can also result in suffocation or a heart attack. Shock is most often manifested by significant respiratory failure, a “lump in the throat” and an itchy rash. Ya Postova describes.

onion rate

Even bites that are not life-threatening can cause pain. How to relieve pain and itching? Grandma’s advice – use white onions, which we cut into slices. Then we simply apply them to the affected area and let it work. Onions have an anti-inflammatory effect, mild itching and pain after being bitten. Glaze and vinegar will also help.

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More grandma’s advice

● Garlic soaked in water, boiled cloves infused in oil smell like wasps.

● Basil, peppermint, lemon thyme and wormwood repel them.
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Stinging insects also do not like geraniums.

● Wasps are attracted to everything sweet, prepare a trap for them. Pour the sweet liquid into a bottle with a rrow neck, beer works the same way.

● Beware of sweet perfumes and toilet water!

● Do not leave food leftovers, especially sweets!