“After her, no one has died yet, this is not true at all, it’s just a myth” Associate Professor Klan from the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Great Britain and the WFN begins a sharp defense of the red beauty.

Alcohol intoxication and hallucitions

The red toadstool (Amanita muscaria) has the hallucinogenic substance muscarine in its Latin me, but contains toxicologically much more important substances. “This is ibotenic acid, as well as muscimol and muscazone. On the contrary, there is only a homeopathic amount of muscarine. These hallucinogenic substances have been used for several thousand years to induce pleasurable states similar to heavy alcohol intoxication, which often develop into a hallucinogenic stage. described by a toxicologist.

Toxicologist Yaroslav Klan

‘The leg is edible,’ says toxicologist

The toadstool now grows profusely in birch groves, where it is collected by people who know its action. “They take, cut off the hat, dry the hat and eat it in pieces. The hat must be dried or boiled, then the effect is stronger. explains the Clan, according to which most of the toxin is on the cap under the red skin. “The root contains a minimum of toxin, it can be eaten normally, which was customary to do, for example, during the war. I back this up with alysis and experimentation.” describes the expert.

In Siberia they drank urine

According to him, the group of three active substances in the toadstool only affects receptors in the brain, there is no damage to the liver or kidneys. “In Siberia, toadstool was dried, there was a lot of it, and they got drunk with it instead of alcohol. And those who did not have it waited for the one who was in a hurry to pee. They took this urine, drank it, and they had the same conditions, because the toxin leaves the body in the urine. After four hours, the condition will simply disappear.” surprises the tribe.

American in a hurry

Toadstool can also act as a fairly strong anesthetic. “An American had an operation because he jumped like Tarzan in Shark and kicked stones and logs until he broke his fibula. But he didn’t feel pain. They were by his side in surgery, so they called me to see if he was on drugs. In the end, we found out that he ate a red toadstool.” says the expert.

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Fly agaric red

Infusion of pain

As an aid for pain, it is used by mushroom pickers who soak their hats in vodka or alps. The infusion is used for poultices on painful joints with arthrosis. “I load it into the alps. I have arthritis in my hands and it’s the only thing that helps me deal with the pain.” – confessed Peacock mycelium.

Lukasz Endzielowski has a similar experience: “I use it for joint pain, muscle pain, post-op pain and it’s very effective for gout.” Lukasz claims. According to Klan, toadstool ointment doesn’t exactly cure anything, but it can really help with pain.

Toadstools – the decoration of the autumn forest.

Grandma’s infusion recipe

1. Gather a red toadstool. Choose fruiting bodies with as many white dots on their caps as possible.

2. Cut the caps into strips, put in a glass jar and pour vodka. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks. Label the jar well!

3. Pour the contents of the glass into a smaller bottle, stick the label well again and continue to store in the cold. Soak a cloth in the tincture and apply to the affected arm or leg. Then wrap it in a plastic bag, then wrap it in a towel and leave it overnight.