The association, to which Blesk is dedicated in the Heart for You project, has been helping people with cancer since 2009.It was then that we began to inform patients about a serious illness with the help of films, which were actually a kind of guide to the disease.” says the director of the organization Mikaela Tumova (58 years old).

What were these films?

At first it was a guide to breast cancer. This was followed by colon cancer, then gynecological and urological oncological diagnoses.

What do films look like?

They are prepared so that the patient or his loved ones can see what is really happening and what will happen next. A lot of people don’t really know what to ask.

What will he learn in this foundation?

It is divided into how it is diagnosed, how it is operated, what is chemotherapy, biological treatment, different types of examition methods are explained. Everyone can choose a chapter that interests him, and he does not need to spend hours looking at diagnoses that do not apply to him, or at a period that does not interest them at the moment.

The movie was just the beginning. How has the organization continued to evolve?

During filming, we met many patients, and they all had one thing in common. They felt something on their chest, and those around them said it was fat. And it wasn’t true. So we started teaching introspection, and that’s how the Hands on Chest project was born. We have a mobile app, flyers and a movie where Dr. House’s voice explains how it’s done.

It must be hard to regularly look for a tumor on your body…

We always tell women that when they do a self-examition, they are not looking for a tumor, they are making sure they have healthy breasts. If they looked for him every month, they would find him. During educatiol questions, we talked to women and found out where there is a big gap in the Czech healthcare system.


It’s in communication. No one really talks to patients, does not explain what is happening and what will happen, how bad it will be for them during treatment. That is why the Information Center for Cancer Patients was established in Motol.

What will people learn there?

They come to us and we talk about things that bother them. With us they will find someone who will listen to them and say a few words that will support them and also help them. Often, some issues are resolved, patients simply do not know about it. For example, we send them to a pain center, help them find a psychologist or psychiatrist, explain that support in the form of antidepressants is normal, like a cast on a broken leg.

You are also collaborating with the Voice of Cancer Patients association. What’s this?

These are patient organizations that deal with several topics, such as returning to work after cancer treatment, the right to a second opinion, the right to be forgotten, or the ability to leave home.

Your organization also deals with family relations. Why is it important?

This is a hot topic. People begin to behave differently when they are sick, their approach to life changes. Due to illness, partners even disperse, spouses get divorced. It’s just a different world, and partners don’t always stay together.

How else do you help patients?

Diet and nutrition are also a common theme, sometimes we even make excuses to try altertive therapies. We have nothing against the patient trying and taking care of himself. But sometimes he becomes the object of robbery raids, when scammers take advantage of his fear.

You also deal with prostate cancer. How much for men?

Up to 8,000 people visit here every year. It’s harder for men. They don’t like to talk when it comes to their sexual organs or potency. It’s just more difficult to get to them for a preventive examition. So, now in November we are reminding you that you cannot urite on your prostate i.e. movember event.

Why is cancer generally becoming more common?

This is partly due to the fact that the population is aging and people are living to old age. So, we’ll all get this tumor. It is said that in the future one in three people will have cancer, and one in four will die from it.

But medicine is moving forward…

Oh yeah. For example, acute leukemia is the most common childhood cancer diagnosis. Now 85 percent of patients are cured at the first stage, and the rest after transplantation. I came into healthcare as a nurse in 1982 and now it’s really somewhere else. Today, many patients are recovering. But be careful! It is important to always arrive on time. So, gentlemen, use Movember!

What is Movember?

This is a charity and annual event with a mustache symbol, which men also grow during the month to support the idea of ​​the project. The purpose of the charity is to raise funds while raising awareness about men’s health. Particular attention is paid to the promotion of healthy lifestyles for men and education in the field of male diseases such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

You can help too!

For the organization to help, every crown will come in handy. To a large extent, it also depends on dotions. You can help too! Simply send any fincial contribution to the transparent account 19-319319339/0800

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