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The Englishwoman lost fifty kilos: She missed the sweet lemonade!

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Can you imagine eating half a kilo of sugar a day? Probably hard. Sarah Turner probably wouldn’t have eaten half a packet with a spoon either, but she got that amount in liquid form every day. For ten years, she drank about four liters of Coca-Cola a day. “I’m just addicted to her,” admits the 27-year-old mother from Birmingham.

Sarah Turner has three small children. When she went to play with them in the park, she thought about how ashamed her offspring must be for her. There were slim moms around, a few extra postpartum pounds at most, and then she, the queen of sweet sodas.

As it turned out, her children were her biggest motivation to do something for herself. “One day I told them that I couldn’t go out to play with them, that I couldn’t do it. The disappointment in their eyes really shocked me and especially frightened me. At that moment, I realized that I had to start doing something with myself, ”she explains the reason for her decision.

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Balanced nutrition as a basis

Also, drinking Coca-Cola by itself was not the best example for children. If the young mother had not been stopped, they would probably have adopted her habits and in the future they would have to deal with the same problems that she did. However, simply abstaining from sugary drinks was not enough to lose weight.

The woman also had to find out what a properly balanced diet looks like, in which there are enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables. She admits that she does not really like vegetables and fruits yet and cannot find a taste for them, but she is trying to compensate for this by at least a high protein intake in order to maintain her weight.

The world is simpler and more beautiful

Her transformation is incredible. Sarah describes how the world has suddenly become simpler, more beautiful, and more possible. She can safely go to the park with her children, play with them, without suffocating and without thinking about whether her offspring are not ashamed. But how did the woman deal with her addiction to Cole? “I still drink it today. Only not in such large quantities, and I also buy a dietary option, ”he admits.

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