A diet that will not harm either the body or the wallet. This is the main motive and the absolute basis of this year’s diet, which we have prepared for you, starting today. It will be published every day from Monday to Saturday for the next five weeks.

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“The basis is, as always, quality food. And so that this does not hit the economy, we will include basic, and not some exotic products, ” promises the author of the diet, respected nutritionist Petr Havlicekwho do you know from at least the legendary show You are what you eat.

Piotr Havlicek preferred the vegetable component of the menu, but… “More or less everything will be there. This time it’s going to be all about the basics and more involvement of your own invention in cooking. But I don’t want it to be difficult and you sit in the kitchen for hours.”

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And he immediately points out that he also took into account the current difficult economic times, when purchase prices are at an astronomical height. “But at the same time, I don’t think everything is expensive, we don’t need bas and avocados and stuff like that on our menu. Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious foods. Also, don’t skimp on quality.

It is necessary to think in the long term, because when we eat poor quality food, it will understandably affect our health over time. Our gut microbiome is also important, as it affects health, weight, and also our psyche. We have to feed him right, give him fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains – in this case, variety is key.” explains Piotr Havlicek.

You don’t have to start today, buy today’s menu for tomorrow so that you are ready in the morning. There are thirty days ahead of you that will definitely shake up your weight, but also take you into the next weeks and months of this year.

What are the principles?