Philip and Ti lived together for six years. They were the perfect couple – two people with a big heart, good friends, always ready to help others. Both were excellent athletes – their passion was mainly cycling and snowboarding in winter. 2.5 years ago they had their first son Stepanek, who brought them a lot of joy, so at the beginning of last year they decided to get him brothers and sisters.

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Drops for pain in the eyes

But something happened that no one expected. “Already somewhere in January, Philip complained of pain in his eye, and since we were temporarily living in the mountains at that time, he went to the hospital in Trutnov, where he was given drops with antibiotics, saying that he had something with cornea, ” Ti Brizova described Shine. However, at the end of March, the situation became even more complicated, her husband suddenly lost consciousness and almost crashed his car.

At the end of April, he again went to the doctor, this time at the Thomayer Faculty Hospital in Prague’s Krč. “He didn’t return from there, he was kept under observation for ten days. Then he was taken to a military hospital in Streshovice, where his skull was opened, a biopsy was done, and the results were waiting for two weeks.” explains Ti. In the end, it turned out that her husband had an inoperable brain tumor. “He had only a few months to live.” adds Ti Brizova.

Quick cure without hope

Philip was an excellent fighter and, despite an unfavorable prognosis, tried his best to fight for his life. He underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other treatments. He did everything he could to get the opportunity to live here with his family for a few more weeks.

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“Despite all the unfavorable circumstances, in September last year, Ti gave birth to a healthy girl, Leontinka. Philip really wanted to live until the birth of his little girl, which he did, but then his condition deteriorated sharply. He began to have trouble walking and other movements. Tinka took care of him at home, which must have been incredibly difficult, along with caring for a newborn baby and young son.” Ti’s friend Lucy Selba further explains the family situation.

Family and friends helped, for example, they arranged a private kindergarten for Stepanek, because he still could not go to a state kindergarten due to his age. They took him there, took him away and supported the family in other ways.

Philip died in a hospice

In early December, Philip’s condition deteriorated so much that he had to be transferred to a hospital and then to a hospice, where he died ten days later. At that time, three more tumors had already been discovered and all treatment was ineffective. Nevertheless, Philip was very brave and fought until the last moment.

“Although he really wanted to see the last Christmas with children and the only one with Leontinka, this desire was no longer fulfilled. He died shortly before Christmas. Unfortutely, Tinka was not even able to say goodbye to him, because at that time she was in quarantine due to covid, and she was not allowed to see him. Both of their children were also sick at the time. It made things even worse for her.” describes Lucy’s friend.

The family lacks finces

Due to Philip’s illness, the family was in a very difficult fincial situation. Now Ti is in a situation where she has to take care of two small children, which does not give her additiol income. So the fincial situation of the family is not the best. The savings the couple had vanished during Philip’s illness. “We would like to help them at least fincially so that they no longer have to solve existential problems in such a very difficult life situation,” explains Lucy, who organized a fundraiser for Ti and her children on the Donio charity platform.

Ti, who worked in gastronomy before having children, now lives in a rented apartment in Prague. Her total income corresponds to the lowest maternity allowance. The situation is very fresh for the mother of the children, she, of course, will be informed about the possibilities of social support, but, of course, one cannot count on the fact that it will be any high.

“The collection should help cover the family’s basic living needs, ideally also the costs of developing children. Ti does not have a driver’s license, so she would like to enroll in a driving school in order to take better care of the children. She would also like to complete her education so that she has a better chance of finding a job to support her family in the future.” added Lucy Selba, founder of the collection.