“The disease was discovered six weeks ago on an MRI after my mother continued to go to the doctors and lost fourteen kilograms,” described Bleska’s daughter Katerzy, thanks to whom Mrs. Ale recently became the grandmother of her grandson Dominic. Unfortutely, it turned out that the tumor was already at a stage when it was impossible to operate.

We can’t understand it…

For the family, the whole situation is all the more shocking. “We cannot understand why she was stricken with this disease. Life hasn’t been very kind to my mom, but no matter what, she never spread negative energy, never hurt anyone, and she’s a pleasure to meet and spend time with.” says Kateri.

Treatment only in Germany

After consultations with the best Czech doctors, the family was referred to one of the last chances – a special immunotherapy at the Immukura clinic in Germany. “This treatment is not available in the Czech Republic and is not covered by insurance companies abroad. The discoverer of this method of treatment received a Nobel Prize, and we believe that it will help, because they were able to cure patients with the same diagnosis.” explains the situation to his mother Kateri, saying that a six-month therapy will cost approximately 1,100,000 crowns.

Therefore, in order to help Ms. Ale, the collection “Deserved Second Chance” was created on the Donio charity platform. “I believe that this treatment is a way for mom to get through it all,” adds her daughter hopefully.