The parents found out about the son’s illness only after the birth, the pregncy and childbirth went without complications. The syndrome of hypoplastic left heart, from which Valdik suffers, includes multiple congenital defects of the heart and circulatory system.

“If you saw Valdik, you probably would not notice anything special, except for a slight blue tint around the eyes and lips. You can hear him breathing louder like he just walked up the stairs, but other than that he’s a fun little boy. describes her mother, Reta, who is raising Samuel (age 13) and Hugo (age 3) with her partner.

Unique operation has been helping for 40 years

Waldemar underwent a number of operations, including the gradual transfer of the heart to a single-chamber system. “This series of surgeries was invented 40 years ago by American physician William Imon Norwood and his team and has been perfected ever since. Without it, this defect would be incompatible with life.” describes the boy’s mother.

In addition, Valdík has a controlled mechanical damper, it is metal, so you can hear how it clicks… “In order to prevent a blood clot from forming on the valve, we have to dilute his blood quite strongly. He was and still is my big scarecrow, but over time, I hope we figured it out.” describes Mrs. Reta.

Forecast uncertain

Valdik underwent the last of three surgeries last summer, according to Norwood. “Unfortutely, not everything went smoothly. Due to a large hematoma around his heart, he had to return to the hall, and then we spent a month together at the Faculty Hospital in Prague’s Motol, while dad and brothers stayed at home on the other side of the country. Valdik’s prognosis is not the best, further operations will be difficult, and a transplant may be required. We firmly believe that this will not happen in the end,” the mother hopes.

Despite all the health problems, Valdik is a cheerful and playful boy. Because the lack of oxygen prevents him from exercising or having fun, his games are rather sedentary and he often likes to rest on the ground. “That makes him a literal bookworm, an avid draftsman and puzzle expert.” Miss Reta shows with a smile.

The beating heart bares the eyelids

Since 2018, Kind Angels have been supporting little Valdik and his family through the Kind Angel Foundation with their regular fincial contributions. “We really appreciate the help of donors, we always use their dotions for what we need most now. For example, we purchased a stethoscope to listen to the heart or an inhalation device for breathing difficulties. We also use them to buy test strips for a device for measuring blood coagulability, which we have been using almost every day for the past few months.” Mom describes.

These are expenses of the order of several thousand crowns per month, which are not covered by the insurance company. Thanks to donor support, the family also goes to the gym with Valdik and swims. “And above all, they also guarantee us the peace of mind that we will be away for the rest of the month, so I can focus on the kids,” Mrs. Reta explains and adds with gratitude:

“Every morning, when Valda wakes me up with a smile and his eyelids are not swollen – so I know that his heart is working and wants to live – I thank you and feel happiness from every everyday little thing. Money is not everything, but if you perceive it as a certain form of energy, then trust that it will really empower the recipient.”

Kind angel helps

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