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At 18, she weighed over a hundred kilograms! She was at risk for diabetes so she lost half her weight

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Weighing more than a hundred kilograms at eighteen is certainly not an ideal situation, especially when there are many health problems with such a large weight. Drea Vasquez from Michigan, USA, frightened by the doctors’ warning, knows all about it. She decided to do something about her extra weight.

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Doctors warned the young girl several times about the health problems associated with obesity, and when they also threatened diabetes, for Drea it was a clear sign. He needs to urgently do something with his excess weight. She could not have imagined that at her age she would have to deal with a disease that often affects much older people. “When the doctors told me how much obesity threatened my life, I was scared. I feared a future full of sickness and early death. Their warnings made me change my life from scratch.” she said to the sun.

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Therefore, she completely revised her diet and included regular exercise in her program. Thanks to this, she was able to lose 45 kilograms. However, it was not easy for her to lose weight. With the diet came mood swings, which she used to binge on junk food. She also had to deal with pain, because before that she was not used to moving at all and often felt weak and tense due to exercise. “It was hard work. It’s not as easy as it is often described somewhere in magazines. You really have to bite the bullet because you get sick a few times. It’s tears, sweat, pain and sacrifice. But the result is worth it. . It’s an indescribably wonderful feeling when you achieve the goal of your dreams” she added.

When she lost weight, she also had to undergo a procedure during which doctors removed her excess skin. But she managed to endure all this, and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she was incredibly proud of herself. She regularly shared her journey to her dream figure on social media, where she gained a large following who regularly supported her. See her transformation in the photo gallery.

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