“She probably went upstairs to the bathroom and never came back. Under unclear circumstances, she fell over the railing and fell from a height of 4.5 meters. There were thirty people there, but no one knows anything. This is a mystery to me. The camera footage only showed her influence.” Valenti’s mother Ludmila Jerzabek describes for Blesk.cz.

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Screws in the jaw, damaged eye

This was followed by an eight-hour fight in the hall, which, fortutely, went well. Exactly a week the girl spent in artificial sleep. “She received extensive, according to doctors, fatal facial injuries. Her skull was fractured, her jaw was broken, her pelvis was damaged, her optic nerve and right eyelid were damaged.” calculated by a desperate mother who doesn’t know if her daughter will ever open her eyes.

The prognosis was that he would need lifelong care. Nevertheless, it was a victory, because initially the doctors did not even expect that the young woman would survive at all. Valenti woke up in a state where she did not know anything and did not remember anything, she was confused, could not see with one eye, could not speak, she had an outlet.

“We tried to talk to her as much as possible, give her a nice massage, play her favorite songs, bring her favorite food, and so on, so that she remembers her previous life and remembers who she is,” mom says.

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Stay in Psychiatry

According to her, the next phase of hell came when Valenti was transferred from intensive care to psychiatry, where she was tied to a bed in a small room. “She tore off the bandages, climbed into the wound, but did not cooperate. But we couldn’t watch her being sedated with various drugs and trying desperately to wash the bed or just going limp under the influence of drugs.” explains Ludmila Yerzhabek.

After the fatal fall, the daughter’s mental state changed significantly. “He has a persolity disorder and behavioral fluctuations. According to the psychiatrist, her soul seemed to have left her. She didn’t accept her changed face.” mom says.

She took her daughter home, where she and her family took care of her 24 hours a day. “She needed supervision all the time, she beat her head against the wall, against a chair, I had to tie her hand to mine at night so that she would not get out of bed. says the mother, who is afraid of what will happen to her daughter.

exhaustive care

Currently, Valenti is in a satorium in Klimkovitsy, where she is undergoing rehabilitation. “I get really tired of everything. Before the accident, my daughter and I had a very good relationship, now she behaves strangely, she has a bad mental state. She studied tourism, worked and, just before the accident, rented an apartment with her boyfriend. But no one has lived in it yet, although her boyfriend still pays for it. But I can’t imagine Wall getting into this.” thinks the mother, convinced that her daughter will not take care of herself after an unfortute fall.

“According to the doctors, we still have a long way to go for Wall to even come close to his pre-injury condition. He will need surgery on his eyelids and eyes, prolonged brain stimulation and socialization. All this will be very costly fincially. Therefore, we would like to ask not only the public, but above all Wall’s friends and relatives for fincial assistance that would help us bring her back to normal.” explains Ludmila Yerzhabek, who started raising funds for her daughter on the Donio charity platform. “I’m so tired that no one can imagine it, but we are fighting” adds the mother of the unfortute Valentine.