And how does the disease manifest itself? “I started noticing the first difficulties about three months ago, when I had a feeling of reduced visual comfort. I had to concentrate more, it became harder to read subtitles on TV. Then a spot appeared in the left eye. describes Yaroslav Forman (77 years old) from Beroun. As a doctor, he knew he had to act now. “I contacted my eye doctor who diagnosed me with age-related macular degeneration,” Foreman added.

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He was lucky because a whole new treatment had just become available. “I am delighted that we now have the opportunity to offer patients a completely new drug that has not only improved their vision, but also reduced the burden of treatment due to fewer injections,” explains the head physician of the eye clinic Lexum Praha Budějovická MUDr. Martin Rubeshov. It was she who applied the treatment to Mr. Foreman, the first patient to undergo it with them.

Revolutiory processing

The procedure is carried out by injecting the drug directly into the vitreous body. The new treatment combines two highly effective substances that complement each other and help stop the progression of the disease. The good news is that in some clinics the procedure is covered by the health insurance company. This procedure is much more convenient and softer. However, even after this, the patient remains under medical supervision.

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“Until 2003, we only had to watch our patients lose their sight and become almost blind. Today, with the help of treatment, it is possible not only to stop the disease, but also to improve subjective vision, and now to increase the intervals between injections.” praises the head of the eye clinic Lexum MUDr. Ivan Fisher. And, he adds, the key is to detect the disease and begin biological treatment as soon as possible.

two forms

It is the most common cause of blindness in Europe. Macular degeneration includes two different forms of the disease.. The so-called dry form means a gradual deterioration of vision and its cause is the loss and damage of the reti. Treatment is for the second form of the disease, the wet form, in which blood vessels grow into places where they shouldn’t be.