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Because of her weight, she was nicknamed “the whale” and did not want to be friends with her. Today she has a dream figure and thousands of fans.

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Australian Annie Howland has experienced first hand how frustrating it can be to mock characters in elementary school. She longed for friendship, but her peers constantly mocked her and called her a whale. In an effort to change her lifestyle, she decided to change her diet and exercise regimen.

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Constant ridicule and inappropriate insinuations drove twenty-two-year-old Annie Howland to overeat. Food was her consolation, but unfortunately, because of it, she kept gaining weight. “I wrapped myself up in oversized clothes and couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. This is where my unhealthy eating habits began, where I starved myself for as long as I could, and then suddenly ate everything I could find. I did it secretly to the toilet, and she felt guilty. Finally it dawned on me that something needs to be changed.” says Annie.

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At first she was worried, but in the end her anger at others, but especially at herself, won out. Therefore, she decided to change her diet and, above all, began to exercise regularly. Thanks to this, she lost twenty-five kilograms in a year, and thanks to strength training, Annie is now completely muscular. She shared her transformation on social media and soon amassed a large fan base. If she ever worried about no one wanting to be friends with her, today she has no shortage of friends and is a great inspiration to others. See her transformation in the photo gallery.

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