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This week on the street: assault, harassment and drugs

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It takes a lot of courage to stand up to older classmates who pick on you, but this rarely brings the desired result. Rather, the opposite will happen. Shimon, whom Roman and Viktor are waiting for in the morning, will now feel it for himself. The boys realize their superiority and no longer take napkins. They even physically attack Shimon to teach him a lesson. But it doesn’t end there for them. They begin to openly intimidate Simon to show him who’s boss.

Karla, I would like to draw a bold line after the affair with Yakub, because of which she lost her head in the spring. But Yakub is not going to let her go just like that. He wants to be with her at all costs, he does not even accept that Carla has a husband and family. That’s what he’s going to try to steal from her now. He again pursues her and her loved ones to deliver a blow that will destroy her family’s happiness like a house of cards.

Anezhka, Svatka and Zofka have been sticking out their horns quite a lot lately, but Anezhka is more determined that the girls do not take her for a slut. Unlike Zofka and Svatka, she herself does not initiate anything, but corrects the girls. But you just can’t rest. This time, Zofka will show off again, who needs to constantly score points among girls and in the class. Now, in front of the girls, he pulls out his cousin’s joint and persuades them to try together what he will do with them.

Assessing when a hypochondriac is just emotionally blackmailing others, and when he is really sick, is sometimes quite difficult, especially if a person already has experience with him or his blood boils. Recently, Vitek sees red color only when pronouncing the name of Chestnut. Now, when she finds him in her apartment at a moment when her nerves are on edge, she cannot help but slam the door with him so that Iva does not even have time to react. However, this flight day will have unfortunate consequences, as Chestnut will immediately collapse on the street.

For a person who lives only in politics and is a candidate for elections, the election period itself is a huge stress for the nerves. Tonda Chlozanek is trying to figure it out, but he’s not doing very well, as his biggest rival has become his own son, Jirka. As soon as they talk to him, Tonda immediately gets up and does not take napkins. Unfortunately, he can’t control himself even in front of the polling station, where he and Jirka accidentally run into each other. Much to his misfortune, this will happen in front of a large number of voters, for whom this is a fat piece that smacks of a real scandal. And so he secretly films it and posts the video on social media.

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