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Hana Vagnerova (39) and Petra Nesvachilova (36): We haven’t had fun together for over a year!

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For a long time my stomach didn’t hurt from laughter as much as when I met Hank and Peter’s unguided rockets. Their joint stories, which they brilliantly captured in a new joint diary for 2023, were worth listening to with your own ears. We giggled for tens of minutes. I would consider these women friends. I was fascinated by their strong bond with each other, how they support each other and how they couldn’t stop listing what they like most about each other.

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Do you still remember where you first met?

Peter: I can definitely see this image. Hana sat cross-legged in the dressing room, her hair done. I kept looking at her, how pretty she was. It was on the set of the movie Shark in the Head. We played there…

Hannah: Well, say so, the usual extra. Twenty years have passed. I was a sophomore at DAMU, Petra hadn’t even been to FAMU yet, she went to the gym. I remember that at that time she was solving opening questions. I gave you ready ones back then.

P: She was a terrible nerd! But back to the meeting, we sat on the bench that Old Kaiser walked past in the movie. We should have just talked to each other.

HOUR: And we started talking for real. Those were the moments when you don’t even notice that someone is saying stop or action. We were unstoppable. During the conversation, we learned that we like the same boy. We both planned to start dating him. Luckily, we stopped him early on with this find.

P: He was the type who dated both of us at the same time. He was definitely the most naughty boy in Prague.

At what point did you realize that you could be best friends?

HOUR: We had a great laugh together every time we saw each other. It just clicked there. I don’t have many friends that I’m comfortable with in the long run, our paths always parted after a while. Peta and I went through a lot of important things together. In the beginning it was my school, Petra’s reception room.

PA: Which I didn’t pass. I finished first under the line and was crazy about it. And then I scolded the head of the FAMU department, how could he not accept me. Ganichka and I managed a lot, we founded a film festival, we also went to theaters together to ask for our first engagement.

For example, did you go and call the theater?

HOUR: Yes exactly! For example, in the Deivik theatre. At that time, I only walked in holey adidas sneakers. I refused to admit that it was cold and frosty. I have snow on my pants. I had a hole in my cap, and since I could not hear in it, I pulled it over my ears …

P: She only wore a backpack with books. The money was chewed up and shoved into pockets.

HOUR: Peta was my complete opposite, a lady under any circumstances, well-groomed, with a painted mouth. And so we went together, in all seriousness, to call the directorate of the Dejvice Theater. They’re on us, what would you like? We’re, well, going to Mr. Crobot’s because we want to get engaged. He really gave us time then, sat with us in a theater cafe and said that he was not looking for women now, and we should go see the play and write to him when we play somewhere, what he will come and see.

PA: So we kept writing to him. And they called him. So he never came, but he behaved the best. He gave us hope, he confirmed to us that we have value, that we just have to persevere.

HOURA: Looking back, I’m grateful for that, and it was a turning point for me. In other theaters, they looked at us through their fingers, style, it doesn’t happen, shoot. We dared to go to the National Theatre. I mean we didn’t actually find the right entrance so we went around and around huge buildings. I have to laugh at this in retrospect.

Have you wanted to be an actress since childhood?

P: It was clear to me that I would be an actress, but also a director, so that I could cast the people I like in my films, and not only depend on the decisions and feelings of others if I got a role in their film.

HOUR: I knew quite early what I wanted to be. Although I was still good at writing, I didn’t want to make a living from it, like mathematics and physics. For peace of mind, I went to the entrance exams in Mathematics and DAMU at the same time. I went to both schools and thought I could handle them all at once. A month later, I realized that this was quite demanding, so I went to the rector and cheekily asked to postpone the matf for a year. In the first year, no one was allowed, in the end they gave a deferment, but I never entered.

What do you admire about each other?

P: Definitely high IQ, extreme diligence and will. How she knows languages, what she has achieved as an actress abroad. I would not have achieved what she did in life. In addition, he has a cheerful personality, an extremely kind heart, and extreme self-reflection. He is a good, real person.

HOURA: Petra too! In addition, he has terrible strength. He enters the room and everyone is delighted. He has a huge talent, he has a great sense of humor. I also admire her for being able to film the documentary “Elena’s Law” about the Berdykh gang. And I must add that there is great wisdom in him.

P: I’m just repeating what you told me.

HOUR: But no. You have the power to change people’s lives. You are pouring energy into your veins. In the Czech Republic, people don’t often support and encourage each other. Peta can hug you so that the weight of the world will fall off you.

Do you call each other every day?

HOUR: Not that. I am the kind of person who needs intimacy, but also freedom. I need to know that this person is here, but it would never occur to me to accuse one of my friends of not writing to me for a long time, saying that he does not have time for me, why we do not see each other regularly. But, on the other hand, if I saw that Petya was calling me at three in the morning, I would definitely pick up the phone.

So do you deal with all the major wounds of life together?

HOUR: I definitely call Pete when I have a nervous breakdown. We will meet, she will pour me tea, she will cook bread for me now. He just cares. He gives me various eso oils which I have to rub into myself until my head starts to hurt. She can explain everything to me from a spiritual and esopsychological point of view.

P: When I have a problem, Hanya solves it with me in the same way.

What was the longest period you were out of touch, was there a serious crisis?

P: Yes, once we did not hang out for a year and a half. I was about twenty-five. I broke up and was very disappointed. Everything annoyed me and annoyed me, and even Ganya got into it.

HOUR: It was complicated. Peta had a habit of writing very long messages. Such explanatory when something upset her. It was endlessly long, and I could only think about one thing – I can’t do this anymore.

Can you speak openly when something upsets you?

HOUR: Definitely. During the crisis that we had, Petya managed to write to me everything that annoyed her in me, in long messages. I only had reservations about her in the sense that she was late everywhere. Maybe we had a meeting at three, I write to her in twenty minutes that I am waiting for her, she says that she will be there now. She was in the bath at the time. But, fortunately, this has not been the case for a long time.

P: We always quickly decide everything among ourselves, we do not suffocate.

And when it comes to men, can you be honest and even critical of another person?

P: When someone behaved badly, we spoke to each other. But always with dignity and respect.

HOUR: Never had: You must leave immediately! So radical and abrupt does not happen.

You are largely aligned—or rather, on the same wavelength. And how do you feel about fashionable taste, is it the same too?

HOUR: We both like red lipstick.

PA: We also love sweatshirts and gold. But copying our clothes has not touched us yet.

Is there something that one loves but another hates?

P: I love skiing, but Hanya absolutely hates them. He prefers to surf in the heat.

What would you like to be “as good as she is”?

P: Hani has an excellent photographic memory. He looks at the text and it’s already in his head. That’s wonderful. I would also like to have such a talent for languages ​​and her ability to fit into any society.

HOUR: For a long time, I gathered my courage to leave the role of an actress and try myself in other artistic roles. Petra handled it all pretty quickly. Now I know how wonderful, free, creative it is. I’m excited about our first joint project – next year’s diary.

What was the impetus for its beginning, when they are already being published everywhere and there are so many of them?

P: We didn’t like any of the previous diaries. We found them too formal or too spiritual, full of all sorts of recipes.

HOUR: We wanted our diary to entertain people, to have some lightness. So that, having opened the corresponding week, they will find something to smile about, and have the opportunity to draw something there.

P: We wanted the diary to be exactly like the cubicles in a good toilet at a good disco. Full of jokes, slogans and pictures.

This is all true?

P: Nothing but the truth. All stories from our life are real.

Now that it worked, are you planning any other collaborations?

P: We are planning films, series, and we can design together for anyone, for money, of course, some beautiful merch (advertising item), we have a lot of cool slogans in our heads that we already see on T-shirts.

5 Khan and Peter

The most beautiful place in the world:

P: Snow White.

H: I have three – Rome, Biarritz, Los Angeles.

If I wasn’t an actress…

Both: Then we would be actresses.

I’m most proud of:

H: For the movie Border of Weasel and for one acrobatic stunt on a skateboard.

P: About the documentary Helena’s Law and how I learned to play the piano.

I want to learn:

H: French and make a short film.

P: English, German, French. And better on a horse.

It reliably dials me:

P: Human stupidity, slander, when someone offends me.

H: Arrogance, suppression, undesirability.

Khana Wagnerova

She was born on February 21, 1983 in Prague. Graduated from DAMU. She also tried herself in the modeling profession. She first appeared in the student film The Fiction Session in 2003. She starred as Zuzana Dvorzhakova-Sovova in the award-winning television series Straighten It Out. In the film “The Border of Weasel”, she not only played one of the main roles, but also became a co-author of the script. The film Seeking a Woman for Everything is also now in theaters.

Petra Nesvachilova

The Czech actress and director was born on December 2, 1985 in Tabor. Graduated from the Faculty of Documentary Production of FAMU. Fifteen years ago, she shone with a role in the film Pusinki, followed by the films and TV series Frantisek je devkař, Protector, Instalatér z Tuchlovice, Svět pod hlava, Dáma a král. As a director, Vaclav Klaus is responsible for documentaries Řekni kde ti Němci si – from Borotin to Snezka from the series Expremiéři, Zákon Helena. For the latter, she was nominated for the Czech Lion Award for Best Documentary. She is the new mother of Jasmine’s daughter Ricky.

Source: Blesk

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